We have all been touched by cancer, some more closely than others. Maybe it’s mom or dad, a friend, a relative … or you … who is battling. None of us are immune from receiving an unexpected diagnosis of the disease. 

Angel Fund aims to help ease the worry and burden of battling cancer by providing financial assistance to Northeastern Minnesota residents for expenses not covered by insurance.  

One shouldn’t have to choose between putting food on the table or having enough gas to get to their next appointment. Many in Northeastern Minnesota live in rural areas and are required to drive many miles to the nearest place to receive chemo or radiation. 

Angel Fund would not exist if not for the generosity of people like you. We are able to gift cancer patients thanks to donations from individuals, fundraisers, grants, memorials and the occasional gift from a cancer survivor wanting to pay it forward. 

Nearly every tax-deductible dollar this board receives goes directly to cancer patients. 

We grew this effort from a small, grassroots crew to 10 years of successfully gifting more than 1,700 patients. We have touched countless lives, many who thank us of profusely for giving them a sense of hope and a reminder that they are not alone in the fight. 

We need your support to continue to do this, and to reach the hundreds who will be newly-diagnosed this year. 

They say, “the strongest wings survive the toughest storms.” With your help, Angel Fund will continue its mission of gifting the fighters as they build their wings from patient to survivor.  

We have two ways to donate. Choose “donate” to make a one-time or recurring donations. Or, choose “memorial donation” to make a donation in someone’s memory.

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