Directors gather for 10 year reunion

Those who attended included (from left): Meghan Hodge. Kelsey Unger, Katie Gustafson, Danette Brandstrom, Sue Jamar, Kari Lynn Kilen, Katie Rose, Lynda Bolf, Robin Watts Cicmil, Kelly Grinsteinner, Nicole ‘Carman’ Freeman and Rossie Williams Senich. 
Jamie Bizal Pavich and Stephanie Villella were also present.

Angel Fund directors both past and present held a mini reunion and recap of our first decade of growth, accomplishments and impact at Valentini’s Supper Club-Chisholm earlier this month. This was the first time all 29 persons who had or are serving on the board were called together. Special appetizers were served as founding members chatted with those currently on the board. Many photos and some memorabilia were also set out to allow for reminiscing. All had a good time, commenting that we need to do this more often.

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