Local survivor pedals for funds and awareness

On Oct. 2 & 3, local breast cancer warrior Julie Lucas of Side Lake bicycled more than 128 miles over two days on the Mesabi Trail from Ely to Grand Rapids. She created and embarked on her inaugural “Ride Across the Range” to bring awareness to cancer and survivorship, to raise funds for area cancer patients and to simply prove that she could — and yes, of course, she did it! She also took followers on the journey by posting poignant video messages at various stops. Her efforts resulted in more than $2,800 for area cancer patients — and that’s way beyond phenomenal!

Thank you, Julie!

P.S. A shout out to Michelle Cramer for assistance with accommodations at Comfort Inn in Mountain Iron and to Angel Fund President Kelly Grinsteinner for pedaling half of the trek with Julie. Stay tuned for bigger plans next year 😉.

Watch the report by WDIO here: https://www.wdio.com/minnesota-news/ride-across-the-range-breast-cancer-survivor-julie-lucas/6274340/

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